Tanren Dojo

Dedicated to the philosophy and practice of the martial arts

Tanren- Forging. The process through which a student reshapes mind and body, becoming something greater than before.
Dojo- A place for learning the Way.
The intention is not to claim that the answers to everything regarding martial arts may be found here. Nor is this a representation of a physical dojo anywhere. Rather, the intention is to provide insights that have illuminated the Way for others, in the hopes that readers may find their own illumination.

Why take up a martial art?

How to find and choose a dojo

The Infamous McDojo

The Martial Artist's Diet

Right Mindedness A look at the frame of mind of the serious martial artist.

Weapon Arts Information on different aspects of the armed martial arts.

Self Defense Tips on learning effective self defense.

Types of Wood for Weapons How to choose the type of wood for your martial arts weapons.

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MAMeta Forums Where martial artists can discuss the different aspects of the different martial arts in a respectful atmosphere.

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